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Using dialup service to access the internet is no longer the standard. Now, there are numerous ways to obtain a high speed internet connection for your entire home. In addition, any one of these options can be obtained online with a few clicks of a mouse.

The fact is that more and more users join the internet community every day and many of these users have access to a broadand connection. Get on board with your very own high speed internet connection and find out for yourself what a difference it makes.

If for some reason cable internet service and DSL haven't made it to your area, have no fear! There are still other options for getting high speed internet service:

High Speed Internet: The Alternatives
Satellite There are a number of satellite service providers that also offer a subscription to their high speed internet network.
Wireless A technology in it's infant stages, wireless internet allows computer users (generally laptops) to connect to the internet using the same technology that powers our cellular phone network.
Dial-up The original pathway to the internet: Dial-up has been undergoing a transformation recently, using software programs to beef up the limited bandwidth of dialup service.


The Benefits Of A Faster Connection

The cost of high speed internet is always a consideration. But consider the disadvantages of relying on dialup internet service:


Dial-up Service Tradeoffs
Shared Phone Line The inability to talk on the house phone and surf the web at the same time without tying up all of the lines.
Slower Upload/Download Speeds Broadband speeds shatter the dialup speeds in comparison reaching up to 50x faster than standard dialup service.
On the Job Options For some of us, working from home every once in a while is a very real possibility. Ensuring an always on high speed connection makes that possibility a reality.
Streaming World Wide Web Streaming is defined as a constant flow of data from the web to your computer through the internet. That data can consist of music, video, or even games all of which are possible with a broadband connection.

The common denominator in all of these considerations? Time. Spending a few extra dollars every month can provide your household with the extra boost in internet speeed and provide you with a much better use of your time. We all only have 24 hours in a day!

This is what you'll find at Super Fast Internet. Information, tips, and ideas for obtaining a faster internet connection and, if you're already there, ways of maximizing the use of your internet service.


Fast Fact 1

Broadband MAX is the new ADSL 1.1 standard that allows for much higher download and upload speeds. Using this new technology download speeds of up to 8mb are possible while upload speeds have been increased to either 448Kbps or 832Kbps depending on the package you select.

Fast Fact 2

Satellite broadband, as the name suggests, uses satellites to transmit data. Because of this the connections are very expensive but it is also the only broadband option than can provide 100% coverage.

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