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ATT Uverse Reviews - Phenomenal Service

ATT Uverse is essentially,  a souped up DSL line.  Of which, I have 3meg down and 1meg up net service thru it. I could get 10meg down and 1.5meg up net, but I do not need it. The HD service with DVR is great and the voice line works well. The STB have many ways to attach to your television. On my big-screen, I use the HDMI port out of the UVERSE box. The entire setup has worked nicely so far, for me. Also, if you get voice service, they give you a free UPS for the RG, that's due to the fact they have to promise your telephone line is working even if there's a power cut. The RG is a 2Wire router, it works nicely, but if you would like o be 'geeky' it posses some constraints. You cannot, simply, run a third party router behind it ( aka Linksys, Netgear router / firewall ).

The RG allows for putting a device on a DMZPlus port, but it is still performing NAT in the RG, so you finish up doing double NAT, this can pose some problems, dependent on what your attempting to achieve.

I attempted running a Sonicwall on a DMZ port, but th double NAT caused a lot of issues, so I gave up. It is my understanding that, now in my area, you cannot a static ip package. The RG does have an area to perform one-to-one NAT to be used with the static ip package which would dump the double NAT issues, but right now, I will not make use of this. Uverse is a totally digital format, it doesn't pose any issues with the 2009 change over to 100 percent digital television thing that is going to occur with cable suppliers. It connects to your non digital television's just fine and you don't have to fret about getting any converter boxes. Go figure, the UVERSE system runs on MS Windows CE.

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